Milind Lokde

Milind Lokde

Hello, I am Milind Lokde. I am also the author of the book “Attaining Nirvana”. I love understanding the what, why and how of everything. My curiosity for answers to the mysteries of life lead me to many answers which I share here with you.

Mind can matter deals with many things – meditation, science, religion, philosophy, culture, metaphysics…. With each blog I present one aspect of the puzzle of life. It is more like a jigsaw puzzle, which when put together bring up a big picture of where we all are heading.

Most blogs being interrelated, I tend to bring some concepts from earlier blogs and some which are yet to come. I will usually provide links to already published blogs and hints for upcoming blogs. Most of my blogs will usually have a social message with it.

This blog complements my online book “Attaining Nirvana” which tends to conform with traditional views. There are many aspects related to Nirvana that are difficult to comprehend. With each blog I hope to make understanding Nirvana easier and converge the goals of the book and this blog.

I thank my friend Bhushan Gawai for being with me all through this blog and providing insights, facts and information for each blog. He is also the co-author of my book “Attaining Nirvana”. I also thank my friend Shankar Masale for his sceptical reviews and providing counter arguments for each blog and keeping it within logic. I also thank my wife for bearing my passion for this stupidity.

Some disclaimers I must mention here. First, all thoughts on this blog are my own and do not/may not have any scientific or philosophical background. Second, I also do not meditate enough to write on deeper concepts related to mind.

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