Milind Lokde

Are you interested in mysteries? Have you wondered what is life? Have you ever thought how our consciousness work? Have you ever thought whether Ghosts are real? Have you ever wondered how future is created? Have you ever thought whether Time Travel is possible? Have you ever thought how our mind works? Have you ever gone beyond your questions and tried to find their answers? You searched the internet, read books but did not get your answers? I am going to give very definite answers to these questions. Yes I too hate reading whole science articles and watch full documentaries only to find vague answers.

Journey of this blog

Hello, I am Milind Lokde. I love understanding the what, why and how of everything. My curiosity for answers to the mysteries of life lead me to many answers which I share here with you. These blogs are all based on my personal first-hand experience and know them to be correct. I had to wait for years to get some of my answers. But I have got answers to most of them to my complete satisfaction. However, I leave it up to you to make your own judgment to believe them or not.

It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” — Einstein

Mind can matter deals with many things – meditation, science, religion, philosophy, culture, metaphysics…. With each blog I present one aspect of the puzzle of life. It is more like a jigsaw puzzle, which when put together bring up a big picture of where we all are heading.

My Book

My book Attaining Nirvana available on Amazon Kindle.

I started my writing journey with my first book “Attaining Nirvana”. This book too was based on my personal experience of practicing meditation and Buddhism. Like I said I like mysteries, I wanted know whether Nirvana was real. I knew Buddha was real and he won’t lie. So, I wanted to know how it can be attained and in a single lifetime. I give definite answers to all these questions in this book. Click the book image to get the book on Amazon.

Many questions arose as I wrote this book. Whether there is rebirth?, Are there other planes of existence? Do Gods exists? Though I knew answers to these questions I could not answer them there the way I liked. The book is more about journey and less about debates. This blog can be considered an extension of this book where I am free to question anything and give bold answers to them.

My friend Bhushan Gawai, who is also the co-author my my book, has been with me all through these blog and provided insights, facts and information for each blog. My friend Shankar Masale has always been sceptical and provided reviews and counter arguments for each blog and forced me to keep it within logic.

Making it to Science Journal

One of my quest to finding the answer to Time Travel, forced me to understand the Theory of Relativity. The answers I got made it into Science Journal. Both of my friends had significant role in helping me make it to the Science Journal. You can read the published article and it’s e-Presentation on YouTube below:

Milind Lokde, Bhushan Gawai, "Relativity without Complexity", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Volume 5 Issue 2, February 2016, pp. 1953-1955, https://www.ijsr.net/get_abstract.php?paper_id=NOV161631

E-Presentation published on Official YouTube channel of International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR).


If you have found the answers you were seeking from this blog, then please share it with everyone. If you find that the blog does not answer your question satisfactorily please provide comment for it so that I can try to explain it in a better way. Your likes and comments are valuable feedback to me and potential readers seeking the same answers. Have a great day.

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