Saving Humpty Dumpty…


Saving Humpty Dumpty

Saving Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings’ horses and all the king’s men
Could not put the Humpty Dumpty
Together again!

A kindergarten poem we all know and teach our children. The blog title must have given a hint of what I am talking about. You are right. I am talking about our earth. I will just consolidate everything, give my suggestion and ask for your suggestion for saving our earth.

Talking about jungles, let alone jungles we long to see even small patches of greenery. It is alarming how we have mercilessly destroyed our ecosystem. Well the word ecosystem does not apply to humans. Now ecosystem for us is economy, infrastructure, transport and technology. We no longer depend on resources provided by nature. We produce them.

We have lost a lot in the name of human, social, economic and technological development. We lost most species of life on earth while we  search for life in the universe. We have lost our earth’s environment, while we search for earth-like environment in outer space. While, we have put most species in endangered list, we do not realize that we are next. We are depleting our earth externally (water, trees, sand, air) and internally (ground water, petroleum, mines). We are depleting everything earth has to offer, making it unstable internally and externally. We leave nothing for our future generations. What took millions to form we destroy in a few hundred years. We all know ‘save trees’, ‘save fuel’, ‘save water’, ‘save tiger’, ‘save planet’, ‘e-waste’, ‘solid waste’, ‘power-saving’, ‘bio-degradable’, ‘recycle’……

While all this started with the industrial revolution in 18th & 19th century, there is undeniably one more cause for it – Human Population. If we see the trend of population growth our population doubled in 600yrs from 1000-1600, 300yrs from 1600-1800, 130yrs between 1800-1930, 45yrs till 1975, 50yr till 2025. You can see the figures below taken from

Year   Population               % increase from base year 1
1                200,000,000         0%
1000        275,000,000         37.5%
1500        450,000,000         125%
1650        500,000,000         150%
1750        700,000,000         250%
1804     1,000,000,000         400%
1850     1,200,000,000         500%
1900     1,600,000,000         700%
1927     2,000,000,000         900%
1950     2,550,000,000         1175%
1955     2,800,000,000         1300%
1960     3,000,000,000         1400%
1965     3,300,000,000         1550%
1970     3,700,000,000         1750%
1975     4,000,000,000         1900%
1980     4,500,000,000         2150%
1985     4,850,000,000         2325%
1990     5,300,000,000         2550%
1995     5,700,000,000         2750%
1999     6,000,000,000         2900%
2006     6,500,000,000         3150%
2009     6,800,000,000         3300%
2011     7,000,000,000         3400%
2025     8,000,000,000         3900%
2043     9,000,000,000         4400%
2083   10,000,000,000        4900%

We are spreading horizontally and vertically on this earth. Leaving no space for other species. Soon, the dominant species, human, will be the only species left, but only for a few thousand years, against 7.5 million years the life of our earth.

At personal level too the effects can be seen clearly. An average man can’t ensure good education to his children without education loan / insurance, good health & medical care without health & medical insurance, a good home without a home loan. We don’t want insurance for future. We need assurance for future. Assurance that everyone gets adequate education, employment, medical care, fresh food, water, air, good clothing and shelter. And that everyone includes all living beings and not just humans.

Solution? There are many if we trust science. But science is not the only way to go. The best solution is to drastically reduce our population. China was forced to implement the ‘one child rule’ 30yrs back in 1979 when it started facing social and economic problems due to increased population. It is now time for everyone of us to implement this rule before it is too late. It is time for everyone to accept, support, follow and promote :

  • One child male or female
  • No child
  • Same sex marriage
  • Single man/woman

If we start now, we will see our socio-economic condition restoring in just 100 years. Environment restoring in less than 500yrs. We will be back with the jungles in 1000yrs. Even if the population is reduced 50% for every generation in 1000yrs (see table below), we still can’t hope earth to be restored as before.  A total of 20 billion people would still have depleted earth in these 1000yrs. If we start now we can bring the change in less than 400yrs and 6 generations. But 400 years is still a very long time. Below is a table showing Population Halved (50%) for every generation, considering 65 yrs average life span of a man. We assuming that we realize it in 2083 as per above population table when our population reaches 10 billion.

Generation   Population(50%)     Year(every 65yrs)
1st                   10,000,000,000               2083
2nd                   5,000,000,000               2148
3rd                    2,500,000,000               2213
4th                    1,250,000,000               2278
5th                      625,000,000               2343
6th                      312,500,000               2408
7th                      156,250,000               2473
8th                       78,125,000               2538
9th                       39,062,500               2603
10th                      19,531,250               2668
11th                       9,765,625               2733
12th                       4,882,813               2798
13th                       2,441,406               2863
14th                       1,220,703               2928
15th                        610,352               2993
16th                         305,176               3058
17th                         152,588               3123
18th                          76,294               3188
19th                          38,147               3253
20th                          19,073               3318

What if we become extinct? It is just a small price only humans must pay! And it won’t happen in a 1000yrs at least. And it is far better than fear of facing dooms day in 2012. It is amazing how people are terrified with the false alarm of dooms day but can’t see the real danger. We are the aliens on this earth who destroyed it. It is time for us to leave it now to restore, and come back after a million years much wiser than we are now.

We must start now, before this earth (Humpty Dumpty) has it’s great fall. Else all our scientists and engineers (king’s horses and men) will not be able to put back this earth (Humpty Dumpty) together again!

Get into the time machine called mind and travel a 1000yrs, 5000yrs, a million years in past and future. Give your suggestions and comments below to save our humpty dumpty (earth) and rate others suggestions. You can also rate this blog and spread this message by clicking on links below for facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin or email.

We don’t have to tower up. We do not have to see inflation rising. We do not have to see earth degrading. We do not  have to see all species getting extinct. All this can change, if we drastically reduce our population. Mind can matter and it really does!



4 thoughts on “Saving Humpty Dumpty…

  1. We are using up our earth at an alarming rate. at this rate our grand children may have very stressful lives considering the inflation and food shortage.
    Earthlings!!! Save your home…..


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