Sleep Paralysis – dairy

It is 5th Feb 2023 02.00 am. I had a bad dream with which I had to wake up with force. In the dream I was playing badminton with my elder brother in a dark room. For some reason I did not understand we were playing at short distance, with me standing on the right side instead of in front of him.  There was no badminton net between us and we were playing casually.

I was unable to play in the dark. So I moved towards a window directly in front of him. I still could not see while playing as it was dark. My brother again moved towards me on my left. I did not understand why? I also did not understand why we were playing in the dark.

I told him I cannot play in the dark and I am turning on the lights. As I went to the switch he grabbed me and did not let me touch the switch. Instead he started digging his teeth in my chest. I ignored it and tried to wriggle out of his grip. Then I realised he was trying to suck blood from my heart by trying to dig into right side of my chest.

I became calm and put my index finger and thumb together as in meditation and repeated the mantra ‘Om Mani padme hume’ few times. Then with a hard force pushed both my hands upwards forcing him to leave the grip. With that force I woke up. I stayed awake during the night and wrote this blog. 

I tried to recall the reason for the ghost to attack me. I realised I had been on my computer which is in a balcony next to an open window. May be the open window has caused the ghost to come into our house. I had some scary incidents before in the balcony while working up late.

Further, I realised that I had come from my brother-in-law’s house and we carried non-vegetarian food from them to our home last night. The route from their home to our home is long and the roads had no lights. I thought the ghost may piggybacked up with us on the way home.

Further, I realised that my brother-in-law’s daughter had come from a hospital. She had accompanied her teacher who had a brain stroke to the hospital. She had been near me while I was explaining her about the software and books I had downloaded for her to read. She may have brought that ghost from the hospital. This may have also been the reason that the ghost was so nasty.

I have had such experiences earlier, but the ghosts usually just tried to suffocate me. But drinking blood from heart was first time. I also had some pain in my heart area for around an hour. I removed my shirt to check any bite marks. There were none. I did not sleep again for fear of repeated dream and knowing the nastiness of the ghost. My previous experiences tell me not to go to sleep again as the sleep paralysis will be repeated.

I had slept doing reiki on my chest then my abdomen, I also felt my whole body twitch more frequently releasing stressed muscles of my legs. I was feeling more and more relaxed and deeper sleep. Which may have put me and the ghost on same frequency.

I also felt uneasiness while sleeping and couldn’t sleep until 1:30 am for no reason. It may have been due to proximity of the ghost that had travelled with us (me and my wife). I slept with my face and whole body covered with bedsheet to avoid mosquitoes. That may also be the reason for suffocation and bad dream.

I narrated the dream to my wife the next morning. She said she too had a bad dream with hospital beds and some people badly beating up a person. Further she met a classmate while she was with me. We three were chatting on a road. I asked her whether the road had any lights. She replied in negative.

I had kept distrubing her sleep all night by shaking her every five-ten minutes so that she does not have nightmares. With experience I know that sleep paralysis also occurs to someone with you.

Incidentally, someone had liked my post on MPD and sleep Paralysis last night. May be that person has something to do with it. My blogs generally do not have many visitors and someone liking my related blogs and this incident may be related. May be the person was trying to find a solution to his problems in my blogs.

To conclude, I did not see the ghost while awake. While in dreams we and the ghosts are same. But when we try to get out of our dreams the ghosts see the difference and do not let us go back by to our bodies. The familiar people we see in dreams are not who they are. We try to associate the people in our dreams to people we already know. May be dreams are a glimpse into the afterlife.

I leave it to my readers to make their own conclusions – sleep paralysis or lack of oxygen? what are dreams? ghosts or just a bad dream? For me, all my answers are valid. My previous and future experiences will validate the right answers. You may share your experiences and what you think may be the reason for such a bad dream.


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