Alien life form

Alien life form has interested us since the very beginning. There have been various sightings of UFOs and cases of alien abductions in last century. Some consider it rumor, but some firmly believe they exist. It has fascinated us so much that we are conducting scientific research for alien life form in universe.

Search for life in outer space.

Initially it started as ‘Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence‘ (SETI) a project funded initially by NASA. We expected weird looking intelligent life form, more intelligent than humans. But the search has reduced from intelligent life form to higher life form, and then to microscopic life form like bacteria, to just finding traces of water and further to just earth like environment in outer space and still further to earth like planet orbiting a sun(star). The failing results of the project is the reason why it now runs on private funds. Now the director of Centre for SETI have stepped down to work full-time for fundraising to keep the project alive.

The basic question – is there life in outer space?

Going by statistics chances are more that there is life in outer space. But we are not 100% sure. To answer the question we must understand life first. What we are doing so far is understanding life forms, not life! The form of alien life we expect is too dependent on our limited technology and our limited senses.

What would be the form of life in outer space?

Have we not heard of Gods and ghosts. Why do we not consider them as higher life form, as alien life form? What is their form? It is amazing how we have invested so much time and resources pursuing an illusion of intelligent life form in outer space, when we could have just verified it here on earth. When every generation of humans have believed in them, there must be some authenticity to them! They do not have any form with respect to our limited senses and technology. What matter are they made of? Are they even made of matter? Does gravity affect them? Are they limited to earth? What are the forms other than Gods and ghosts? Are there other beings like angels, demons, witches, dragons, Jins, etc? How do they perceive us and our physical world? Can they even be called life or living beings? When we try to answer these questions, our concept of the form, the world and all physics begin to fail. We begin to realize that our world is an illusion created by our limited senses and little knowledge.

How do we understand life better to understand it’s form?

Our technology is too limited to understand life. But we can understand life by understanding ourselves, our own mind. All our religions have their own version of what is life too. We just have to reconcile them all and verify it with our own mind. We must also understand the level of consciousness in all beings on earth from micro-organisms to humans and above. Any form of life in outer space would directly correspond to the consciousness level on earth.

Still is there alien life form in outer space, beyond earth?

Again we must understand life, death and rebirth better to answer that question. We and all beings are born on earth (and not other places in universe) due to strong attachment to our possessions here on earth. To be born in other place in universe, we all must become free from our worldly attachment here on earth. But, that is what all our religions and our forefathers have been trying to teach us all through the time.

Does that mean we can be born in outer space and become an ‘alien’?

If there is rebirth, then there is no reason why the next birth should not be on other planet. This would also be a way to transport all life from this earth when the conditions here become unbearable for life’s existence due to human existence or end of earth’s life. There is another way of improving conditions on earth explained in my earlier blog – Saving Humpty Dumpty. Our previous birth may also have been on earth or other place in universe. We just do not remember it! This is probably the reason behind all our mythologies. Our mythologies may be our forefathers communication with other planet or memory of previous birth. This may be the reason behind their firm belief to make them create such gigantic structures and leave behind pictoral and written information for future generations.

But does life exist in outer space now?

Yes and no. Yes, life has always existed and will always exist forever, whether our earth exist or not. No, it may not always have physical form in terms of our limited senses. Take for example God. God as per all religions have universal existence. Ghosts seem to limit themselves to earth (does gravity affect them?). They exist with us at present time. There may or may not be physical form at present, but it would eventually form into physical form under right(?) conditions.

What about intelligent life?

If we are to be born in outer space, we would in all probability be born with higher consciousness. We would take a form that supports higher consciousness. The same would be true for other life forms.

But Gods, ghosts and rebirth have no base.

They have much better base than our statistics of existence of life in outer space. There are true life accounts of people in every region of the world throughout history and even in present time. There are postulates, properties and proofs to them. They just need to be verified. We must realize that our technology just makes things better for our limited senses to perceive. It is our human mind, knowledge and senses that must ultimately analyze the information provided by technology. Till the technology is ready we have our human mind, knowledge and senses to answer the question called life.

How can we communicate with life in outer space?

If they have lower consciousness, we can communicate with them like we do with our pets. If they have higher consciousness, then they can device a common language to communicate with us. But we have failed badly in our communication method. With ghosts for example, either there is no communication or one way communication. Whenever there is any communication, they stick to their terms and we stick to our terms. With God, we pray, we get. No real communication!

Does this blog mean to say, we stop finding life forms in outer space and research Gods and ghosts?

No. Our materialistic view could be detrimental to us and them. We are not yet ready to accept them. We need to grow up at our consciousness level to better accept them. Our minds are still far too weak to call it higher consciousness. There is no real difference in life in outer space and that on earth, if we really understand life. In fact we must continue our quest, but with a broader view of life. It is a quest of a lifetime and we must not abandon it just for lack of funds.

What should we do?

1. Try to remember past birth.

2. Be ready to be born on other planet.

3. Understand life better.

4. Be sympathetic and empathize with all beings in all forms or no form.

5. Support SETI for the ultimate search for life in outer space.

6. Develop our consciousness to better communicate with life at all consciousness level.

Mind can matter and we can understand life better, both on earth and outside. We would communicate with them better like we do on earth with each other. Like we understand astronomy today, we would understand astronomical life and life forms someday.


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