Is Astrology dying?

This is an extension of earlier blog – The Art of Creating Future.

What is Astrology?
It is one of the many arts (science?) of predicting future. It is the study of stars and motions of planets to predict the future of living beings.

How did it begin?
It began as our curiosity of the sky and what lie in it. (It is a pity that our children can’t see the night sky as clearly as before, in most part of the world.) They studied the sky and the movement of planets and stars and found a connection with our life. They found out that we can predict our future with some degrees of certainty (Probablity!).

Current state of Astrology.
What began as astrology was split into astrology and astronomy. While astronomy is considered science, astrology superstitious. There has been failed efforts to consider astrology as science but nevertheless it has found it’s way into university syllabus and courses.

Is science killing astrology?
Is science and astronomy killing astrology? No. It has failed badly to kill astrology or any other arts of predicting future. We (and also scientific community) have always been curious about our future. Then how can we discard anything that can reveal us our future. It is our scientific approach and the definition of ‘scientific approach’ that has limited the scope of science and human development. (May be I would put up a separate blog post titled ‘Science and Scientific approach’ or ‘Superstitious Science’ later, but most of my blogs here indicate what would be coming in it.)

Then how is astrology dying?

Contrary to what is expected, science is in fact helping astrology. Making it more believable. What it is doing in fact is making it less useful. But science by itself is not responsible for the slow death of astrology. It is the combination of research on our brain/mind (brainwave frequencies, hypnotism, subconscious mind, methods of inducing different states of our mind, etc) and SUCCESS books/products (uncertified by science) that is killing astrology. The two have helped people become more SUCCESSful. The combination even claims to help people get the basic ingredients of a happy life – (1)Health, (2)Wealth, (3) Love and Respect, (4) Success and (5) Peace of mind.

What is the impact on astrology?

It is not astrology alone that is affected. It is affecting all other arts of predicting and also arts of affecting future (referred as passive means of changing future in my earlier blog) – including palmistry, numerology, gemology, vastushastra, fengshui, etc. People all over the world are already subscribing to the idea of SUCCESS books/products/package and becoming more confident, more healthy, more successful, more wealthy. They are making their own future making astrology and it’s predictions less and less useful. The future is becoming more and more certain and quiet different from the predictions of astrology. Most books and products are worth the money and the products also have free trial offers.

What is the future of astrology?

Astrology should and will die for most of us. What is the use of a tool (for predicting future) if it can never be used. The predicted future can never come true! But it will be kept alive by and for the curious minds to study, analyze and understand. It would help us understand future better. Now analyze this – We have two courses of future both certain – one predicted by astrology and one that we decide.

Mind can matter and you now have a Time Machine with you to change your future for better or worse.

Disclaimer : I am not attached with any products and do not expect to increase or decrease sales of any products. It is how I see things happening. Any reference indicating a particular product is unintentional and should be supposed to refer to all similar products. All other disclaimers also apply here.


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