Mind can Matter Rhyme

Mind can matter, and it really does,
Whether it is success, struggles or woes.
Sex and race makes no difference,
Mind can clear all indifference.
Rich and poor are not made just by money,

Its all mind that matters honey.
Killing and stealing is not by nature,
Its mind that makes your future.
Whether its population or culture that’s making earth empty,
Mind is an effective tool to save our Humpty Dumpty.
More laws will be revealed with tools of science and physics,
But till then we must turn our minds to metaphysics.
Religion and faith are just the tools,
Its all mind that matters fools.
Meditation and Awareness are the two swords,
To clear your mind of stupid  words.
Being one with God and “Attaining Nirvana” share sames paths,
Mind is all that matters in this maths.
“MIND CAN MATTER” is a blog with purpose,
‘Cause Mind Can Matter, and it really does….


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