Mystery Called Life : Understanding Consciousness

Note: This blog is a series of queries into the riddle called life and their conclusions. This is a two-part blog, this one dealing with consciousness and next one is about further refining the definition of life and understanding it.

Life can be defined as one unit consciousness controlling one unit physical body.

  1. But can one unit body have two unit consciousness? Probably in split personality cases, but not at same time.
  2. Can one unit body can also have two unit consciousness? Yes in conjoined twins, where twins share some or most parts of their bodies. But conjoined twins cannot really be called one unit body.
  3. Clones and congenital twins should have same consciousness, which over time transform into separate consciousness. But they would also carry some characteristics of consciousness of original being like phobias and have difficulty dealing with new body parts if the original had some form of handicap.
  4. If consciousness can be split, as in clones, then it should also be able to fuse.
    1. So two unit consciousness can form one unit consciousness.
    2. This would probably happen if part of male and female consciousness fuse to form new life. And this does seem to happen! So not all credit goes to your genes for all the inherited traits 😉 .
  5. During birth one unit consciousness starts with the formation of body. But the question is, when does the consciousness enter a body? Does it enter during fusion of egg and sperm, after brain is developed or after birth? It should probably be during fusion itself as consciousness can and do exist even in one cell as in single cellular organisms.
  6. But where does consciousness come from during birth? Probably it already exists in another form – ‘no form’.
  7. It is similar to duality of matter and energy. Consciousness can exist with body and without body.
  8. During birth or what we can now call rebirth,
    1. one unit consciousness that previously had no physical form enters a body.
    2. And the reverse happens during death – one unit consciousness leaves one unit body to exist in non-physical form.
  9. It should also mean that we should be able to swap consciousness with one another (as shown in some movies) and not just at rebirth! This may seem absurd but not unheard of either.
  10. Having a unit of consciousness should also mean there are finite number of ‘one unit consciousness’ or ‘one unit consciousness can split’ (like in clones) and they are limited by space.
  11. Limited by space means that they exist only at specific places like on earth only and nowhere else. That would be a really bad news for scientists searching for life in outer space!
  12. Also is consciousness limited by time. Did it exist before existence of earth and what will happen when our earth ceases to exist? Where will all the consciousness go?
  13. There can be one explanation with following postulates,
    1. That there already is consciousness which existed all the time and will exist all the time – even at big bang and big crunch and for all other explanations of universe like multiverse. (To prove life exists in outer space, we can try reproduction of organisms outside earth. If they can reproduce and continue life, then we can know that consciousness existed there earlier too).
    2. And that consciousness exists everywhere – even in a black hole! Thus is also not limited by space and not even by time.
    3. That there is no ‘one unit’ of consciousness that can be measured. Like water held in a drop, a glass, a jug or a tub doesn’t make it one unit as it can be again poured in a different vessel and formed into different units.
    4. That all consciousness goes back into a pool of consciousness, like all water goes into an ocean, where they loose their identity.
    5. That consciousness is in fact unconscious of being conscious after entering the pool – UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUSNESS.
  14. But is this pool of consciousness really unconscious?
    1. Not really. On the contrary it is far more intelligent.
    2. It spins out life of different forms and levels of consciousness.
    3. It is aware of past, present and future.
    4. It is far more intelligent than the most intelligent human being.
    5. It knows right from wrong, which cannot be replicated by any inference machines.
    6. It transfers wisdom without verbal means of communication even when all logical inferences and mind chatter has stopped.
    7. With all our logic and inference we cannot get this wisdom or judge its applicability.
  15. But when would a unit consciousness go back to the pool of consciousness? –
    1. primitives forms of consciousness like single-celled organisms existing at the boundary of consciousness and unconsciousness should be able to back to the pool or
    2. higher forms like humans could choose to go back to the pool through Nirvana/Moksha) or
    3. during death as physical form it should return back to the pool.
  16. Is the pool of consciousness, superconscious? Is it one God/One Higher consciousness/one universal consciousness? A childhood definition of God as we learnt is that God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.
    1. Omni-potent – all-powerful – ability to create and destroy life by merging and releasing consciousness from physical body,
    2. Omni-scient – has more wisdom or we can say all the wisdom and
    3. Omni-present – as already explained present everywhere at all time.
  17. So is our consciousness one unit before entering the pool of consciousness
    1. Our consciousness we thought as one unit is in fact a stream, like a stream of water,
    2. connected only with memory.
    3. memory is linear and connects in forward direction. (The reason we think time has forward direction).
    4. Had it not been for memory we would not be able to differentiate between living and non-living.
    5. That should also mean memory is not limited to brain, but is a property of consciousness.

    What we can derive from above is that consciousness is not limited to a unit body and it is ever-present everywhere at all time. The pool of consciousness is powerful, all-knowing and ever-present and so are we, as we are a part of this pool. That our memory makes us alive by connecting our past, present and future. Mind can matter and we will definitely understand life better.


13 thoughts on “Mystery Called Life : Understanding Consciousness

  1. hi milind, nice to read the first question in your blog , the rest ill read later. Here is my opinion and also opinion of vedas.
    Consciousness is a sign of SOUL. Split personality is a mental disorder. It has nothing to do with soul which is transcendental. Mind
    and soul are two different things. and consciousness, awareness is symptom of soul. pls visit for such articles. thanks bye


  2. Discovered new idea to define conciousness

    If we treat emperically At one time mind can have 5 to 7 things . He can be concious of 5 to 7 things and no more average person

    For 1 thought to come into conciousness it takes 1/18 sec as per medical sci

    In one second a person can have 126 thouhts if his mind if working at 100 percent efficiency

    In a average lifetime of a person there will be 185 billion thoughts

    This means there are finite no of time slots for things to be in our conciousness.

    This way we can get idea abt boundry or limitation of conciousness

    Details ill tell u later


    • pt no 5 regarding when does the consciousness appear?
      consciousness is the nature of the soul. its the soul that is aware of the feelings thru the instrument of mind. and mind is not the product of the brain mind pervades the entire body. there are two bodies covering the soul subtle body comprising of false ego,intellect and mind and GROSS BODY made of the five elemnts earth, fire. water, air, and space when somebody dies the soul leaves the gross body but it is still coverd with the subtle body the whole process of YOGA is to be free from this material subtle body and regain our original spiritual form in relation with the supreme soul or GOD.


      • So, consciousness is always there being a part of soul, and it is always present irrespective of body or not. So, with respect to physical body soul and associated consciousness enters with the formation of the first cell of a human being. So the claim at pt no 5 that consciousness enters body at fusion stands good.


    • Thanks Bhushan. Your deep and detailed knowledge have always helped me in all my blogs.
      Regrading limitation of consciousness, it seems like consciousness is like a continuous stream and cannot be counted.
      The observation can be true regarding individual thoughts that are generated in our minds and the limitations will hold true. We will discuss this in detail when we meet next time.


  3. hi milind thanks for reading my comment. th soul is etrnal and unchangeable. The charactristic of soul is sat chit and ananda. sat means eternal chit means cognizant and anand means blissful and we are that soul. while mind is simply a collection of passing and changing thoughts and the perception of the mind is limited and its never happy. we mistakenly misidentify ourselves with this body and mind we think we are so and so on the basis of birth of our physical body


  4. and this soul means we are part and parcel of the supreme soul what we call GOD who is also sat chit and annanda


    • Sat – eternal -omnipresent – present everywhere all the time.
      Chit – cognizant – omniscient – all knowing
      anand – bliss – ?
      The first two seems to go well with the observations in this blog.
      About bliss – there seems to be contradiction. As it seems the pool of ever present consciousness (can be attributed to GOD) is unconscious of being conscious as per the blog. Though the pool is omni-present, omniscient and omnipotent, it does not seem to indicate any emotions or subtle emotions like bliss. May be I have missed something somewhere. I will try to figure it out. Thanks for your insight and observation.


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  6. I knew this couple who swapped bodies. This is sick. The guy got married as a girl but then they accidentally switched back. Then the original girl discovered she was pregnant and didn’t want the baby because she didn’t think it was hers and she divorced her husband. What a mess. I tried to find out what happened to her old boyfriend who got pregnant for her but he just seemed to have vanished. Most likely he was really embarrassed. And my friend’s father doesn’t talk to her anymore because of how much he wasted on her wedding. She doesn’t know how to explain what happened. This all happened in Brussels.

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