Superstitious Science

I have hinted about writing blog on science and superstition. The reason, I write it, is that science shy off from taking stand when matters of superstition are involved.

Have you ever watched an episode of Discovery and were left unsatisfied with it or just irritated with their conclusion? How many episodes of “Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman” on Discovery Science have left you with unanswered questions? Nothing against it; they are infact my favorite TV channels and source of information on my favorite topics.

Let us start by first formally defining these terms :

What is Science?
Science is finding the laws of nature through valid observable and repeatable proof, sometimes using hypothesis to make predictions about things which cannot be examined with current technology.

What is superstition?
Everything that which we follow, or assume to be true without any scientific grounds through tradition or through passed on unverifiable stories.

That which is within the limitations of the five senses is considered as observable facts by Science . That which can be perceived by mind and cannot be verified with rest of the senses is ignored by science.

On the other side, have we ever tried to understand the logic, rule or science behind Superstition? Has Science really tried to understand our superstitions?

  1. Is there GOD? Science has no answer.
  2. Are there Ghosts, spirits, Jinns, demons and other beings? We may have recorded proof and personal experiences. Science does not believe what we see and hear and feel. You were hallucinating or have a mental disorder. Please visit a psychiatrist!!! (Of course psychiatrist is the only right person who will treat your condition if it is serious).
  3. Is there rebirth? We have living proof. Science does not take stand or try to investigate or is just clueless. They may create new life in labs but won’t really try to understand where it came from?
  4. Is there a soul that is driving us? Is consciousness what we can call a soul? Again science is silent. Different philosophies and religions have different views on this particular subject.
  5. Is there heaven or hell? What happens when we die? Where does life go and where does it come from? Again neither science nor we have anything to support it.
  6. Is there a state of life called Nirvana/ Moksha/ Liberation/ Enlightenment? This is of course beyond comprehension of science!!! Most philosophies and religions do not have anything related to it or there is vast difference between their concepts. Even those who accept it as real, have really no idea of what it actually is.
    Is black magic real? This is really an ethical question. And so are all the above question.

Answering all above questions in yes and no with proofs can have serious implications.
1. Are we ready for the answers to these questions?
2. What are the repercussions of the answers?
3. What if Gods, Ghosts are real?
4. Will we disturb their life system, like we destroyed our earth with our quest?
5. Can we handle them? We have still been unable to handle cases of demonic possession or mpd adequately!

We as humans are feeble minded and our  condition is degrading with time. Our technology leaves us with little time or occasion for maintaining a stable mind. In such condition the answers can be disastrous.

Science is being superstitious by not examining these basic questions that we as human beings have been asking since the very beginning. We too have been superstitious in blindly following these traditional thoughts without applying reason.

There are sciences dealing specifically on these issues like neotic science and metaphysics. But they don’t seem to have authority to bring validated subjects into main stream science. Our religions too have become tolerant about most issues. We must give confidence to science that we are ready to accept it’s results.

Mind can Matter, and we can definitely have answers to all the questions. We may someday have a better religion that have valid base and is acceptable to everyone. But above everything we must all need to evolve into much better human beings.


2 thoughts on “Superstitious Science

  1. Questions raised need deep pondering. Definitely mind is faster than light which Mr. Milind grasped rightly. Science recognize those things/ matters which can be proved. While ignoring matters which are not logically proved, one has to recognise that many things which cannot be proved yesterday have been proved today. Hence, all things, subjects, matters which cannot be proved today cannot be and should not be ignored or stamped as superstitions. Many things which were considered superstitions, and pure imaginations yesterday were proved by science today. Hence do not throw others way of thinking and view points not acceptable to ones logic as superstitions and hallucinations, but always keep an open mind so as to accept the chance of such view points and thinking will be proved tomorrow will be a reality for generations of day-after tomorrow.


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