Deriving proof for mysteries of life – Using Scientific Method

In my earlier blogs, I had mentioned about various mysteries of life and mind. In this blog I explicitly try to justify these mysteries using scientific method.

Scientific Method

Scientific Method

Hypothesis : There is Rebirth. We have many examples where children remember their past life upto a certain age. So it is a fact. But for current blog we will assume that there is rebirth.

Inference 1 : When there is rebirth, we can infer that there should be something that transfers from one body to another – Consciousness/Mind/Memories. Let us call it Soul (as per popular belief) that exists in a living body and transfers to another living body upon death.

Inference 2 : There should also be some intermediate state between death and rebirth in which this memory or soul remains till it enters another body. We will call it Ghost – a term for things that we cannot see (other terms being spirits and wandering soul). If rebirth is instantaneous after death, then Ghost need not exist. But that is not the case, so this term remains valid for our current purpose.

*Note :- For the purpose of this blog Ghost is that which is outside body and Soul is that which remains common for living body and out of body.

Inference 3 : There must also be a suitable medium for Ghost to survive out of a living body – air, water, fire, earth, even outer space. So even with our knowledge about frequencies, energies, atoms and sub-atomic particles, there still remains a lot to know about our world.

Inference 4 : Even after we shutdown all our physical senses, our consciousness still registers a lot of imaginary sensations. So even Ghost must be capable of registering/remembering events and sensations – both pleasant or unpleasant.

Inference 5 : If there is rebirth, all life forms must be reborn.

Inference 6 : If all life forms are reborn then either they share same medium or similar medium for survival between births.

Inference 7 : If all life forms are reborn, then they need not be born in same type of physical body again – male or female, human or animal, bird or fish. Until Ghost can independently decide where it wants to be reborn or some factors decide which Ghost will enter which body, this inference remains valid.

Inference 8 : When there are different levels of consciousness in living bodies, after death, Ghost should also have similar levels of abstraction i.e. they should also have similar levels of consciousness. So a common term – Ghost, for all these levels of consciousness, is probably incorrect.

Inference 9 : If inference 8 is correct then there may also be higher or lower level of Ghost (consciousness) that does not have corresponding physical body to be reborn.

Inference 10 : If there is Rebirth, Soul, medium for survival and Ghost, then there is no way for Soul to be ever destroyed.

Inference 11 : If the Soul is perpetual and everlasting and there is still some way for it to be destroyed and not be reborn, we can term it Nirvana (for the destroyed state of the soul).

We see that just from accepting the fact that Rebirth exist, we can infer many mysteries about life. Also we have used classical terms like Soul, Rebirth, Ghost, Nirvana which gives us some rough and probably wrong idea of what it exactly is. We may need to redefine or change our idea about these terms as we explore these mysteries in more detail.

We derived many inferences based only on one hypothesis that there is Rebirth. But what if the hypothesis itself is false? It will make all the inferences false! But if we can confirm existence of Soul or Ghost we can prove that there is Rebirth too. Or if we are able to prove that there is Rebirth we can claim that all or some of our inferences here are correct.  Even if one of the more than 3000 cases of reincarnation (Rebirth) studied by psychologist Ian Stevenson is accepted widely by scientific community all the inferences are going to hold true.

In my next blog I will justify existence of Soul and Ghost (which are important inferences of this blog) and also try to throw some light on medical mysteries like sleep paralysis and multiple personality disorder (MPD) based on my personal experiences.

Mind really matters…. We will soon have consistent answers to all our questions. But are we really ready for it???

7 thoughts on “Deriving proof for mysteries of life – Using Scientific Method

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  3. Ok. I uderstand your concept but I also experience that if we have to be very strong towards our goal and dedication for it the ghost effect cannot overcome. It’s all about inner subconscious power.


    • Thanks Prafulla, you are right. We must be strong internally so that no external force, ghost or whatever we call it, has any effect. But almost all of us are stressed and do not really understand how our consciousness and subconscious mind works.
      I have mentioned your experience in this blog, thanks for reading and acknowledging it.


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