Souls, Ghosts and Medical mysteries – MPD

Continuing from my earlier blog, souls, ghost and medical mysteries – sleep paralysis, I am sharing my experience and give logical reasoning for what I understand from it. I had written a blog on MPD earlier, titled “Is it Multiple Personality Disorder or Possession”, which was based on pure reasoning but without mentioning any personal observations.

Multiple personality Disorder (MPD) now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a condition where one or more personalities or alters exist in a single person. Only one of these personalities exist at a time in a person and the person has no memories of the time when the other personality is dominant.

Traditionally, the person with such condition was considered being possessed (by demons/ghosts). The treatment for them was called exorcism, a procedure for removing ghost/demon from the person.

I have little idea how exorcism is done, nor am I a psychologist/psychiatrist or medical person. I am not superstitious to support the traditional methods, neither am I superstitious to take side with the medical community that denies anything beyond their comprehension.

Background : My Sister-in-law’s daughter suffered from mpd (multiple personality disorder) for almost 5 years. Though I understood most things about the condition, out of my lifelong curiosity, I remained a mute spectator for a long time. My wife always insisted I stay out of this. Actually I did not understand how to deal with it at the time and I still don’t. She was being treated both by exorcist and doctors as advised by a doctor. I too appreciated his decision and explained his reasoning to her parents. Years went on without any recourse for her though. My in-laws turned to me for help every-time as I was more ‘educated’. They shared with me what the doctor had prescribed and told me what exorcist were trying to do.
She was possessed by (had an alternate personality of) a woman. She used to cry and shout in shrieking voice. She also got scratch marks on her back once. She had also attempted suicide once, which is common in such patients.

Experience : Once she was at our house with her mother. Against my wife’s wish, I explained her what happens to her and about ghosts. I told her everything I understood of her condition and why she should know these things. That very night she woke up and was sitting on bed. My wife woke me up and called me to see what I have done. She was unable to move at all, but could speak comfortably. She said a woman was standing in front of her and she was unable to move. I asked her to relax and concentrate while I slowly count from 1 to 10 and placed my hand on her back to try Reiki. Within few minutes she was able to move and relax.

Inference 1 : This is something outside our mind and body and not entirely a medical condition. The incident was similar to sleep apnea/paralysis we saw in last blog, only that she was not suffocating. Whether this incident should be categorized under sleep paralysis or mpd we can’t really say.

Experience : After few days, when she went back home, her mother called me to say that she was having another attack of mpd. She asked me to help counsel her daughter on phone. It was 09:00pm. I tried to talk to her and asked her to be calm and be in control. But she said she cannot understand anything that I was saying and was going unconscious. Her mother said she will call me later as her condition was deteriorating. (Actually the other personality was getting really angry at me as her mother told me later).
I decided to try remote healing, a procedure in alternate healing methods, where we try to heal a person at distance using mind. I sat in meditation and tried to imagine her at her home, but I couldn’t get her image properly. I tried focussing. Meanwhile I heard a woman making humming sound some distance behind me, like hmmm….. hmmm….. (heavy breathing or just anger probably). I ignored it as I thought it was not from my house. My wife who was sitting just next to me, shook me and said why are you making such sound.
I realized what was happening and opened my eyes. But I realized I was not able to control (get into) my body. I tried strong breathing with synchronized hand movement I learnt in karate as a kid. My wife kept asking me what was happening, which was obvious to her. I did not speak as I was busy getting myself into my own body! I realized that if I lose control, the other personality, a woman, will take control of my body and all my senses. With much difficulty I got control over my body. Everything happened within 2-3 minutes of my sitting for meditation.
Even after I was in my body, I was not completely out of danger. Me and wife both were getting chills in our body alternately. Which meant the woman was still there. I knew if I am not in control the woman would again take control. I continued breathing exercise occasionally to stay in control. But the chills did not stop. I decided not to sleep that night. But then I thought if I am fast asleep or fully awake (skipping the dream state) the woman can’t take control of me. So I tried to get into deep sleep and soon fell asleep. At 04:00 in the morning, I realized that the woman was trying to strangulate me…. (yet another incident of sleep paralysis as I had expected would happen). While I was struggling to wake up, I was more concerned about my wife who was sleeping behind me. I managed to get up in a minute, which seemed to be a very long time, and didn’t sleep later.
My wife warned me not to call or help her again. So I did not know what happened at the other end.

Inference 2 : Sleep Paralysis is surely not a mental or physical condition. There are external factors involved which we do not completely understand.

Inference 3 :  MPD/DID with its definition and treatment acknowledges the alters, but does not explicitly acknowledge involvement of anything beyond the person’s body and mind.

Inference 4 : Another intriguing thing about the incident is that, the being/woman was able to travel in an instant over almost 60kms. It directly challenges Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than speed of light. Though in this case it had travelled 60kms, the distance is irrelevant. The being and our consciousness can travel in constant time (instantly) irrespective of the distance. Something to remind of quantum entanglement of particles, which acts instantaneously over any distance. Another case would be those of twins. They can sometimes speak and feel what their sibling feel simultaneously no matter what the distance between them. Of course this inference need to be supported by more observations.
If we explore this fact further our dream of time travel will not be far. We can travel in constant time anywhere in universe and not be restricted by the speed of light.

Inference 5 : There is sex, male and female, in consciousness/ghost too. It raises an important question – what purpose does sex of a being serve outside of physical body. Does it play a role, if any, in rebirth as a boy or a girl.

Inference 6 : Our consciousness can leave and enter our body – Out of Body Experience (OOBE). The invisible woman (ghost or whatever we may call it) was able to make humming sound which even my wife was able to hear. I felt the sound coming from some distance behind me. That means, either I was out of my body or she was able to make sound without any physical body, which seems unlikely. My wife heard that sound from my body, means that the woman was able to take control of my body and I was out of my body!

We started with the hypothesis that there is rebirth in earlier blog “Deriving proof for mysteries of life” and concluded that there must be soul and ghost, but need to be supported by observations. In these last two blog I have provided support for that claim. I had also mentioned that ghost, for the purpose of this blog, is any being without physical body but does not include micro-organisms. I do not expect everyone to believe my experience, but I expect everyone to open their minds and not be restricted to previous knowledge.

Lastly, we must realise that there is no such thing as living beings, but only beings with or without body. There is a lot of unexplored world beyond our physical world. Mind can matter and we will some day find answers to all the mysteries of the world.


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