Girl, drop that duppata please

Yes, you read that right. I say that because it’s a single major cause of back problem and improper posture in women.

Duppata also called odhani or chunari is a great piece of accessory to a woman’s dress. It is usually worn over both shoulders, single shoulder or around the head. That piece of accessory can be worn in many different ways and goes well with many dress forms. It can be seen commonly in many fashion shows. It’s versatility also makes it a part of men’s fashion.

Unfortunately, duppata also symbolises modesty as it covers the front portion of the woman. Women usually prefer to wear it whenever they move outside of their houses to protect themselves from unnecessary stares. As an utility this accessory definitely does the work.

I say unfortunately because it actually imprints on their mind that their body is something they always need to keep protected. But that idea of protecting their upper body causes them to unconsciously droop down, even with that duppata over it, causing improper posture and back problems. They keep adjusting their duppata frequently as an unconscious habit even when there are no men around. Why struggle all your life correcting that duppata? As an utility saree serves the same purpose, but it does not have this drawback and looks sexy too.

Girl, please drop that duppata and free your mind. That duppata does not help. Men will be men. Men will imagine what they can’t see. They will not stare at your bust all the time. Their minds keep wandering. No matter what your size and shape, no matter how beautiful you are and no matter how much they love you, they will still look at other women. That’s for women who have got extra large ones. That heavy pair on it’s own, is already a cause of back problem.

Girl, drop that duppata please and it is just the first step. Some women find the new freedom wonderful. They keep looking down, frequently checking how great the pair look and the number of stares they are going to get today. But most women when they move out of their duppata still continue to droop down as an unconscious habit. Another way they try to hide their protruding parts is by folding their hands in front, trying to hide that prominence, still bending forward. It doesn’t really help. In fact it only enhances those curves in front and on your back. It is probably just a psychological sign of protecting and defending oneself.

Girl, drop that duppata please. Love your body while you have that great shape. Years later you don’t want to struggle to get that shape again. You don’t want to struggle with your back problems. While some women realise their improper posture, do not know or do much to correct it. While I would recommend you do yoga and full body stretches, here’s what you can do easily:

  1. Stand with your back facing a wall.
  2. Raise both your hands up straight and lock it behind your head (for extra stretch to upper back).
  3. Bend backwards and try to touch the wall behind. Count upto five.
  4. Bend forward down and let your upper body go loose. Let gravity do the work for you. Relax that way while you count upto five.
  5. Repeat daily not more than five times. Do not over stretch or over do it in one day. You may get back pain due to it. Have patience with your body.

Other than the size of your bust, if you are thin or stout, dark or fair, love your body as it is now. Do not struggle with yourself. Strive to be healthy and not fat or thin or fair. Your attitude towards yourself and how you perceive yourself is what attracts us men more.

Girl do not drop that duppata please. We really love you in duppata. Romantic movies and songs are difficult to imagine without it. It is rightly associated with modesty and simplicity. Wear it as often as you want, but please do not let it grow heavy on you. Health first. Modesty? You work out. You have got a great range of attire to choose from.

Advice for men? Men, if you want your woman to be healthy, let her go without that duppata. While we can’t avoid noticing different shapes of women, do not make them uncomfortable. We do not want them to keep covering what we want to see, right. Girl, drop that duppata pleeease 😉


2 thoughts on “Girl, drop that duppata please

  1. Sir your suggestions of dropping dupatta are worthy…but all times it is not only the cause of back pain or shoulder pain…your observations about men’s are correct….but wearing dupatta gives traditional look to modern sometimes she purposely styles dupatta.


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