The Art Of Creating Future

The Art of Creating Future

The Art of Creating Future

We all know the arts of predicting future. Some of the arts include Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot reading, etc. Almost everything related to us can be used to predict our future or know about us.

We also know some of the arts of creating future – gemstones, Vastushastra, Fengshui and Fengshui articles, tokens (mantras, tantras, pyracards), etc. But these are all passive means of creating Future. With these methods we do not have any control over how these affect our future. We cannot even find direct connection between these methods and the future supposedly created by them.
Critics will remain critics, but those who know, know that they really work. The only problem with these is they are not exact science and science is never going to accept it no matter how perfect they become (‘superstitious science’ – probably my next blog). The problem is not with the art of predicting future, but the subject matter they are dealing with – life and future.
The same laws which creates future, makes the art of predicting and creating future possible. Let us see the active methods of creating future.
1. Will Power
Humans have a special gift of free will. Humans can make things happen with this will. This makes us special among all the beings in this world. With a never say die attitude we can achieve anything we want. With discipline, determination and efforts a person can change the course of his future. This brings us the equation –
100% confidence = 100% success.
But this is where the real problem lies with will power. You may easily connect with this equation –
99% confidence + 1% doubt = 100% failure.
With even 1% doubt you are engrossed with fear of future and all your knowledge and efforts seems to be wasted. You are usually exhausted and drained both physically and mentally. This is not to say that Will Power is bad. Time has seen people with strong Will Power emerge out of most difficult situations against all odds.
2. Mind Control
You have probably heard about it. It is known by different names – Subconscious Mind Control, NeuroLinguistic Programming(NLP), Brain Entrainment, Self Hypnosis, Autosuggestion, Creative Visualization/Imagination and Lucid Dreaming. These are different methods/names for actively using meditative states for creating our destined future, habit control, memory enhancement, relieving headaches & pain, stress release and everything that is possible with a meditative/ imaginative/ focused mind. There is a bit of science behind Mind Control.
Brain Functions – Our Right Brain is associated with imagination and creativity, while Left brain is logical, reasoning and mathematical. We either use our Right Brain or Left Brain most of the time. With mind control we train our brain to use both sides of our brain and to its full potential.
Brainwave Frequencies – There has been a lot of research on various brain frequencies/states of mind and their benefits. What is interesting is that these states of mind can be induced by meditation, simple instructions, music/sound or even flashing lights & colors. The trick lies in attaining these states and using it creatively and effectively.
3. Karma
Because of our intentional actions, good or bad, we create our good or bad future. All such actions (cause) and their reactions (effects) are called Karma. It forms a complex cycle which may be called the Law of karma. Karma is the major reason most form of predicting future are true. And Karma is a sure enough way to change our future. Depending on the Laws of Karma our present actions can enhance, reduce, nullify or create our destined future. We all have our religion with us to help us maintain morality and do good and create a better future. For those who don’t believe in karma or religion have our legal system which can be followed. Only our legal system does not award for good actions.
You can find my hand chart helpful for practicing. You can find it here.
You can read more about karma here.
I have attached a presentation file, I used during a learning session on this topic. You can find it here.
Skeptics will remain skeptics, but mind can matter and you can actually create your future.


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