Creator and the Creations – who are we?

Are we the creations or the creator? What do the previous blogs suggest? Which  direction science is moving?


In my earlier blogs I had made following conclusions:

  1. There is duality of consciousness and genes. That is to say, sometimes genes affect our consciousness and behavior and sometimes consciousness affects our genes.
  2. I had also said that if there is rebirth then the consciousness of previous birth must also play a part in affecting the genes in addition to parents genes.

Scientific validity of above conclusions:

  1. Traits like stress, hypertension, tendency to murder, etc are transferred to genes.
    These genes in effect, affect the traits of offspring. Thus consciousness affects genes and genes affect consciousness proving their duality. Not just that, but consciousness takes precedence over genes as in above cases. (Related reading : Scientists Finally Show How Your Thoughts Can Cause Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes).
  2. Second conclusion was also found to be true as per observations of psychologist Ian Stevenson who made a study of more than 3000 cases of reincarnation throughout the world. He saw that wound marks of previous birth were replicated as birthmarks on children who claimed to remember their previous birth.

From above two we can conclude that –

  1. consciousness takes precedence over genes/DNA in affecting growth of living beings.
  2. consciousness and life can exist independent of ‘genes/DNA and physical body’ (and then transfer to new body).
    All these were essential ingredients in our definition of life in earlier blog – “Mystery called Life – Defining Life” and “Mystery Called Life – Understanding Consciousness“.

Brain Wave Frequencies:

Another aspect of the current topic is the study of brainwave frequencies and how they affect human beings. Roughly speaking, “beta” brainwave frequency is useful for active calculations and mathematics, “alpha” for relaxation, “theta” for imagination and visualization and “delta” for healing. What more is that, we can induce these brainwaves, through sound, color or verbal instructions and cause the desired results.

As I have said earlier that consciousness affects DNA and it takes precedence, we can cause consciousness to give almost any desired results with above methods.

This should explain the unexplained ‘placebo effect’, ‘nocebo effect’ and also ‘spontaneous remission’ even in higher stages of cancer.

There are also now growing number of NLP specialists, brainwave trainers and mind-control teachers world-over who help and teach common people how use to above methods, in turn, turning ordinary people into “Gods” for very meager fees.

But if we can instruct our genes/cells to do healing, can we even instruct our cells to make other changes in our body, like

  1. Growing hairs on bald head
  2. Change our own complexion
  3. Change body structure from fat to thin and vice-versa
  4. Grow missing legs and arms in handicapped people

If all this were indeed possible, does changing our body structure just by instructing our cells, qualify us as God? If it were not possible, is it even possible for God? If God cannot, does that mean we can understand what are the powers and limitations of God? Are these same powers and limitations within the domain of human beings?

Success Books – What do they say?:

Yet another aspect of this topic is the growing number of success books and success stories asking you for positive thoughts and visualization of abundance, health and success. Most of these success books and there laws of success, do not seem to go by any scientific logic, but by personal experiences of many successful people. They teach us the very same law that turns a human into a “Creator” of his destiny… a Creator with virtue, love, benevolence, wealth, health and happiness.


We have already played creators with medicine and surgery and civil and engineering… this century we see the growth of creators who use their mind to transform the world with their visualization to improve economic model, bring innovation in technology and structure and process, bringing health and wealth for everyone.

It is high time we realize that we are the Creators and we the Creations. Praying to God, asking God for help in times of distress and having faith in God does boost our morale and give us satisfaction. But becoming God and doing our part to make this world a better place will go a long way to make this world a better place. Of course the path is not really easy and definitely not straight. This blog touched the scientific aspects and the current trends in this direction. You should also read previous blogs in this series – “Apotheosis – Becoming God” and “The Art of Creating Future” that give a different outlook on other aspects of the current topic.


Most of the blogs as mentioned in the about page, are interrelated and give a bigger picture. Here is a list of previous blogs that go with the current blog.

  1. Apotheosis – Becoming God
  2. The Art of Creating Future
  3. Mystery called Life – Defining Life
  4. Mystery Called Life – Understanding Consciousness
  5. Deriving proof for mysteries of life

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